The new Microsoft Operating System, Windows 11 was leaked to the public last week.  Microsoft has a formal announcement scheduled for 24 June (US time). While, we don’t have all the detailed info yet, Not for Profits should already be considering the impacts to them. 









What does new Windows 11 mean for Not for Profits?





Some IT Managers get “itchy feet” to deploy the latest and greatest versions of apps especially if there’s no additional costs and there’s an easy way to do this (like via virtual desktops). However, unless it’s a security update, I always advise organisations to wait for a big change like this.





The first versions of any major upgrade have lots of programming bugs.  Furthermore, anything that’s dependent or integrated with that app will also have to be upgraded. This includes simple things like your printer drivers which may not work if you adopt a new operating model before the printer manufacturers have made their own software changes.





Rumour has it that Microsoft will be supporting Windows 10 until 2025.  So, unless some or all your desktops or laptops are on an earlier version of Windows, you should be fine for a while until most the bugs are fixed (often 12 months later).

Tammy Ven Dange is a former charity CEO, Not for Profit Board Member and IT Executive. Today she helps NFPs with IT decisions.



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