CRM Decisions

CRM Decisions

CRM Decisions

CRMs or Customer Relationship Management systems are the data heart of most Not for Profits.  At least they should be.  Unfortunately, many legacy CRMS no longer meet the needs of the organisation. 

Instead, staff are struggling with inefficient processes and duplicate entries because systems don’t talk to each other. There’s often a heavy reliance on spreadsheets to capture and report information.  Furthermore, their members or stakeholders are just as frustrated with the lack of self-service options for them. 

Does this sound familiar?

Whether you’re a professional organisation, charity or NDIS provider, I can help you scope a new CRM to meet your organisation’s needs.

For more information or any questions, you can schedule a chat with me using the button below.

P.S. As an independent consultant, I do NOT take commissions from software vendors. This allows me to remain truly independent in helping my clients make the best decisions for their needs.

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