IT Review & Roadmaps

IT Review & Roadmaps

IT Reviews & Investment Roadmaps

Most Not for Profits lack internal IT strategy capability. Instead, they tend to have staff or outsource providers work under a “break/fix” support model. That’s fine until the technology no longer meets the organisation’s needs.  That’s where I can help.

I use an Enterprise Architecture framework (EA) to guide my approach for these types of projects. Not only does it cover all the requirements, but it also provides ongoing structure and guidelines for future changes for a client to help manage complexity and interdependencies.

When used effectively, some of the benefits of an Enterprise Architecture include:

  • Lower business operation costs;
  • Improved productivity;
  • More flexible workforce and IT solutions;
  • Lowers software development, support and maintenance costs;
  • Improves ability to address critical enterprise-wide issues like security; and
  • Reduces complexity in both the business and IT.

I don’t believe in complex EAs for most Not for Profits because it’s too expensive to maintain them. So, I’ve created a simplified approach for most my projects which is loosely based on TOGAF, a widely-used, open source framework. It operates as a general guide for evaluating the current state and developing a client’s future investment Roadmap too.

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