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LMS Decisions

What’s the hardest thing about implementing a new Learning Management System (LMS)?  For some organisations, it’s deciding which one to pick.

One study believes the global LMS market is worth over US$15 billion in 2021 with at least a thousand vendors offering more features than I can possibly document in a single article. With this many vendors, how do you choose?


I usually start with some basic questions:

  • What’s your budget? This is important not just for licensing costs, but for implementation costs too.  And don’t forget the cost of creating the courses.
  • What kind of information needs to be stored? If you’re a RTO, your student data requirements are far more complex than the average training organisation. Also, what kind of course content will you store – SCORM or videos as an example?
  • What processes do you wish to automate?  Are these processes done by the student, the trainer or the administrator?
  • What other systems need to integrate with your LMS to share data?  Do you need electronic signatures? What about a separate Student Management System? How about integrations with Zoom or Teams?

These questions are just the start. Then, how do you prioritise the answers and needs?

I can help you with LMS decisions.

I regularly help training organisations scope Learning Management Systems. This means I have budget information and solution insights for many of the LMS options used by Not for Profits and RTOs in Australia.

That knowledge allows me to help clients pick a preferred vendor quickly using a competitive selection process – usually within a month of starting the project and delivered in a supporting Board presentation.

For more information or any questions about scoping a LMS for your organisation, please let me know.

P.S. As an independent consultant, I do NOT take commissions from software vendors. This allows me to remain truly independent in helping my clients make the best decisions for their needs

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