Cybersecurity Risk Audit

Cybersecurity Risk Audit

Cybersecurity Risk Audit

Unveiling Vulnerabilities, Safeguarding Missions: Your Not for Profit’s High Level Cybersecurity Risk Audit

In today’s digital world, the work of Not for Profit organisations has expanded to include a significant online presence and a reliance on systems and digital tools. While this presents unprecedented opportunities to raise awareness and support for your cause or mission, it also exposes your organisation to evolving cybersecurity threats.

In fact, according to the 2023 Nonprofit Tech for Good Report, 27% of Not for Profits in their study have experienced a cyberattack.

Safeguarding your mission is not just a matter of protecting data; it’s about ensuring your ability to make a positive impact continues.

This is where my High-Level Cybersecurity Risk Audit for Not for Profits can help you.

High-Level Cybersecurity Risk Audit:

Not for Profit have unique challenges, and my audit is designed to address them. This optimises limited resources to guard against cyber threats effectively.

  • Risks Identified: Delving into your organisation, the audit will uncover vulnerabilities that could affect your operations, data, and reputation. It will pinpoint specific risks for your Not for Profits, from cyber entry points to data protection gaps, to give you clarity.
    • This includes vetting your existing IT service providers.
  • Mitigation Recommendations: It doesn’t stop at identifying the risks. After the analysis, I’ll provide practical strategies aligned with your values and resources. My goal is to provide you with effective risk management options – all in plain English.
  • Priority Plan: Tackling all risks at once can overwhelm limited resources. That’s why my audit includes a ranked action plan. Prioritising by impact and likelihood, you can focus on the activities that will have the greatest impact on securing your organisation.

My High-Level Cybersecurity Risk Audit equips Not for Profits with insights, strategies, and plans to navigate cybersecurity complexity.

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