Transformation Roadmaps

Transformation Roadmaps

Transformation Roadmaps

Most Not for Profits lack internal IT strategy capability. Instead, they tend to have staff or outsource providers work under a “break/fix” support model. That’s fine until the technology no longer meets the organisation’s needs. That’s where I can help.

The first step in developing a Transformation Roadmap is understanding your goals. Is it to:

  • Lower business operation costs;
  • Reduce manual processes;
  • Create a more flexible workforce;
  • Lower software development, support and maintenance costs;
  • Improve your “customer” experience;
  • Provide better data for better decisions;
  • Address critical enterprise-wide issues like security; and/or
  • Reduce complexity in both the business and IT?

Regardless of your goals, I can help you develop an IT or Digital Roadmap that will meet your needs and your budget.

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