Need help with an IT investment decision?

“Coming from a position of independence and expertise, gave confidence to the CEO/Executive in making a decision.”

Deb Bowden
Executive Director Business Development
YWCA Canberra

“I found (Tammy) easily accessible, extremely knowledgeable and very professional. I loved the way (she) challenged our thinking.”

Julia Whitford
Australian HR Institute (AHRI)

She quickly gained the trust of staff. Tammy’s engagement with the software vendors was invaluable.”

Janis Redford
Ability Network


How can I help?

As a former charity CEO and Not for Profit (NFPs) Board Member with a background in IT, I understand the unique challenges NFPs face when considering investment decisions in IT.  After all, your stakeholders expect to see funds going towards the mission, not overhead.

At the same time, Not for Profits are facing aging IT infrastructure, systems that are no longer fit for purpose and demanding customers that expect more self-service and on-demand delivery options.

It’s a true balancing act, and one that I have made as an executive, and continue to do every day helping other Not for Profits. Let’s chat to see if I can help your organisation with an IT decision.


Reduce Risk

NFPs are becoming more and more dependent on their IT infrastructure to deliver their services and to generate revenue. How much risk is in your IT?

Increase REvenue

Is it time to modernise your service delivery to increase revenue?

Improve Customer Experience

A great customer experience is  increasingly important to remain competitive in this changing environment. 

REduce Manual Processes

How would your staff like to spend their time? Probably not by entering data into multiple systems because they aren’t talking to each other.

Better Data for Decisions

Do you have the information you need to make important decisions? Do your staff spend a lot of time compiling spreadsheets?


Better Investments

Many NFPs don’t know where their IT investment priorities should be when they do have money available.