Services Available

Here are some examples of the type of work I do for Not for Profits:


IT ReviewS

With IT Reviews, I “lift the bonnet” to identify risks, locate process inefficiencies, as well as find opportunities to increase your customers’ experience and generate more revenue.


Selecting a LMS

Is it time to modernise your  training and embrace hybrid or digital formats? Whether you’re a RTO and/or a commercial training organisation, I can help you pick the best Learning Management System for your needs.


Selecting a CRM

Is your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system still meeting your needs? If no, I can help with a review of your business requirements and scope a replacement (if necessary).

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Transformation Roadmaps

Is it time to modernise the way you engage and provide services to your “customers?” Or is your IT infrastructure broken, but you don’t know where to invest next? I can provide a roadmap.


Creating a Data Strategy

Data is everywhere is most organisations, but is it useful? Are you getting the information you need from it to make good decisions? Creating and executing a data strategy is not a small task, but its return on investment can change the course of an organisation.


IT Advice On Demand

Maybe you don’t have the budget to fully engage consultants for your next IT decision, but you could still use some advice from time to time. I have other ways to support those with smaller budgets. Just ask.