Selecting a Software

Selecting a Software

Selecting a Software

Regardless of whether it’s a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM), Learning Management System (LMS) or even something uniquely specific to your organisation’s needs, I can help you through the entire process of selecting a software by:

  • Identifying your key requirements;
  • Researching potential vendors to meet your needs;
  • Short-listing the potential vendors and/or partners;
  • Acting as the independent intermediary between you and the vendor;
  • Providing advice about risk, pricing and integrations;
  • Managing the full selection process; and
  • Documenting your decisions and results in a Board-level paper.

After the vendor/partner is selected, I can also help with the Design Process to ensure the system is fit for your purpose in the more budget-efficient way (especially when there are data integrations with other systems).

For more information or any questions, let’s chat.

P.S. As an independent consultant, I do NOT take commissions from software vendors. This allows me to remain truly independent in helping my clients make the best decisions for their needs.