IT in Plain English

IT doesn’t have to be so complicated or scary, but it can seem like it if you don’t have any experience in this area. My goal is to make this subject easier to understand so that you can make better decisions for your organisation’s IT investments. 

Here is where I share free resources to help you and your organisation – all IT in Plain English.

Why your NFP’s strategic plan needs an IT strategy

Right now, a lot of Not for Profits are reviewing their current strategic plans or in the planning stages of creating their next one. Yet despite their dependency on technology to run their operations, few actually have an IT strategy to support it.

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Are you practicing safe AI?

Is your Not for Profit practicing safe AI? In a recent webinar where I presented, 49% of the attendees said they knew their staff were using AI or Artificial Intelligence tools like ChatGPT. Yet, the same people also told me that only a fraction of their organisations have completed cybersecurity training in the last twelve months.

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